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Jugaad Innovation: Jaideep Prabhu at TEDxUCL

Jaideep Prabhu at TEDxUCL: how to innovate under constraints, the Indian model

Born in India where resources are limited, "Jugaad Innovation" proves that it is possible and sometimes more efficient to innovate under constraints, that is to say to do more with less. 

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Innovation for everyone - Alliance Renault-Nissan

Cheaper but better value

The Indian Market is the natural context for frugal innovation to grow.

In this video you will discover how Renault Nissan took advantage of it by creating cars that answer the technological and practical needs of the customers while minimizing costs.

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Professor Jaideep Prabhu looks at "Jugaad Innovation"

A few words about "Jugaad Innovation" by Professor Jaideep Prabhu 

Professor Jaideep Prabhu reveals the beginning, outline and stakes of "Jugaad Innovation" with concrete examples from India to Western companies.