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Jaideep Prabhu speaks about Frugal Innovation at the Maker Faire in Rome

What is the link between Frugal innovation and the Maker movement?

Let's listen to Jaideep Prabhu and you will discover that Frugal Innovation is for a large part about empowering people to do things.

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Frugal Innovation in Cambridge Business Magazine by Jaideep Prabhu

How the West was won over to frugal innovation

Jaideep Prabhu explains how frugal innovation is now spreading out in the West, not only because of the financial crisis but most of all because today "ordinary people are empowered to do things".

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Navi Radjou at TED Global 2014

"Creative problem-solving in the face of extreme limits"

During his speech at TedGlobal in Rio de Janeiro last October, Navi Radjou revealed how Western companies, inspired by emerging markets, are about to revolutionize their way of doing business through Frugal Innovation. 

Get inspired watching his speech in the wait of the new book to be published soon !

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How Frugal Innovation is Reviving US Economy

The prestigious Commonwealth Club in San Francisco hosted an event entitled "How Frugal Innovation is Reviving US Economy". Navi Radjou facilitated a panel discussion with Beth Comstock, Chief Marketing Officer, GE; Mark Hatch, CEO, TechShop; Halle Tecco, CEO, Rock Health; and Jennifer Tescher, CEO, Center for Financial Services Innovation.

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European Pioneers of Frugal Innovation

Frugal Innovation is about creating more value to the customer at lower cost by reducing the use of natural resources. 

Western countries, and especially Europe which is going through a major economic crisis, are more and more willing to offer affordable and sustainable solutions, in short frugal solutions.